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Nepal declared the blockade void

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Nepal declares to abolish blockade China News Agency, tiandemandu, July 21 (reporter Zhang Chenyi) - the Nepalese authorities announced on the 21st that the blockade policy would be abolished from 24:00 on July 21.

In order to prevent and control the outbreak of new coronal fever, Nepal has implemented a nationwide blockade on March 24 this year for 120 days.

Katiwada, a speaker of Nepalese authorities, announced the download and installation of caitianxia app on July 21. The download and installation of caitianxia app started on August 17. All kinds of children's cars and buses can go on the street. Hotels and restaurants can be sold from July 30.

The Ministry of culture, tourism and civil aviation of Nepal will download and install the caitianxia app on the same day, and all kinds of tourism businesses will resume operation immediately. Mountaineering enthusiasts can go to Nepal to engage in mountaineering this autumn. According to his wife, the blockade has resulted in a loss of about 332 million dollars in Nepal's tourism industry.

According to katiwada, abolishing the blockade policy is conducive to calming the panic of the people. However, in order to curb the spread of the new coronavirus, the authorities will be able to take action with camera and implement the Department ban. In addition, feeding institutions, cinemas, beauty salons, gymnasiums, fitness clubs, religious places, libraries, museums and zoos will be closed.

On July 20, Nepal's cabinet has decided to resume domestic and international flights from August 17.

According to the data released by the Ministry of health and population of Nepal on the 21st, there were 150 new cases of new coronavirus infection in the country in the past 24 years, with a total of 17994 cases. It is worth careful that the cure rate of new crown cases in Nepal has reached 69.34%. (end)

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